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Luis Pena to fight Alex Munoz at April 17 UFC show

Luis Pena and Alex Munoz will face off next month. Following announcements on social media by both fighters, MMA Fighting confirmed with sources with knowledge of the matchup that Pena

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Do You Let Your Pets Get Away with Naughty Behavior? New Survey Says 70 Percent of Americans Do

Seven in 10 American pet parents are looking the other way when it comes to bad habits their pets pick up — because they’re just so cute. A new survey

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How idled car factories super-charged a push for U.S. chip subsidies

When President Joe Biden on Wednesday stood at a lectern holding a microchip and pledged to support $37 billion in federal subsidies for American semiconductor manufacturing, it marked a political

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Skydio drones reportedly owned by more than 20 US police agencies

More than 20 police agencies around the US own drones from US manufacturer Skydio, according to Forbes, which calculated the figure based on a combination of freedom of information requests

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Man caught drink-driving at McDonald’s after drive-thru turned him away on foot

A hungry worker landed up in court for drink-driving at a McDonald’s drive-thru after being turned away on foot. Edward McEvney, 31, initially tried to satisfy his late-night food cravings

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